GRMMSK - ONE WORLD - nowhere to hide [12"]


Clear 12" vinyl in hand (screen)printed translucent cover/artwork.
Limited edition of 200 numbered copies. includes downloadcode.

All copies bought from here (#001-#030) have faint grey/black smoke patterns!

The first 12” vinyl by GRMMSK, released on Hamburg’s SOZIALISTISCHER PLATTENBAU in a limited edition of 200 copies. Pressed on transparent vinyl in a hand printed translucent cover, it conceptualizes the album’s title “ONE WORLD - nowhere to hide”. When the idea of UNITY has failed with the result of a world that is increasingly ruled by a hegemony of fear and control, escape into something J.G. Ballard has been calling INNER SPACE, seems imminent. But what happens there? Here’s what: DOOMDUB! Dystopian versions of a sound, that has been associated with glaring sunshine of the caribbean before, is now dragged through the dirty snow flanking the ring-highways circling hellsinki.

Listen or download: